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The History of Snowboarding

No particular person can be given credit for inventing the first snowboard or starting snowboarding. Many people have all tried to slide down a hill on some sort of object. After people tried attaching their feet to the board using some sort of a binding. This continued and the snowboards started to get better and better. Tom Sims got an idea for a project in his shop class. He created a board out of plywood to skate on the snow, gluing carpet to the top and reinforcing the bottom with aluminum sheeting. He named it the Ski Board. This immediately got others interested in this new way of traveling over snow. Before an actual board was created. A chemical gases engineer in Muskegon, named Sherman Poppen, invented the Snurfer. This was two skies put together with a rope at the front to hold on to for stability. Finally by 1969 a guy named Dimitrije Melovich had an idea. His board was like a surfboard and also like skies. Then in 1980 came actual boards made of the same material as skies and there was actual bindings properly made to hold your foot to the board. At first snowboards were only made to go in one direction but later were made to go both ways. In 1994 snowboarding was declared an Olimpic Sport but it wasn't until 1998 that it was accepted as one. After snowboarding became an extremely popular sport world wide and snowboarders keep taking their tricks to a whole new level. history

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